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Quotes My beautiful sweet boy is 7 months today! It hurts so bad to watch him grow up and see him triple in size since we picked him up but to spend everyday with him is worth it :,) he is the sweetest, most cuddliest, affectionate, perfect kitty cat ever. Thank you! Quotes
Thank You for my dream cat!

Quotes We lost our baby Daytona few years ago and want a Siamese kitten again first we got scam from online breeder but then found Kittles Siamese Jean was awesome with sending info and was awesome day when pick him up seeing all kittens and mom cat playing was a Siamese heaven Pocono is a beautiful seal point male made our new home his very fast and I love sending Jean pictures Kittles Siamese kitten are the best way to go if look for beautiful Siamese there waiting list but it worth waiting for one beautiful Siamese kitten Thanks You Again Colleen and Frank Quotes
Colleen and Frank
Our beautiful Pocono

Quotes Good morning, Jean! I'm remembering it was just a year ago this month when I visited you and met Prince and Shania, very pregnant with Fig and siblings!! Fig is wonderful - smart, funny, very beautiful and so, so loving!! He has such a great personality - very engaged and engaging! Thank you, Jean Quotes

Quotes Our two boys - a lilac point siamese and a chocolate point balinese. They are an honor and a joy to own. We have two children, age 6 and 8, and the kittens are their pets. Now at the one year mark, these kittens have proven themselves to be the most intelligent, loving, and tolerant pets we could ever hope for. It isn't enough to speak of their beauty -- they have personalities to melt your heart. I cannot believe how lucky we are to own these two boys. We also have a young Maltese -- my mother's dog we inherited after she lost her battle with cancer--I can tell you that they are all the best of friends -- it is a strange "meeting of the intelligent animal mind" for these guys. We decided on Kittles after the death of our 16 year old cat named Moe who was the BEST pet ever. We were worried that we could never find a cat as friendly and congenial as Moe. Well, we were wrong. Jean's kittens are raised as if they were her babies and it shows. Thank you Jean!! Quotes
Cindy, Dave, Gteyson, and Marlowe
our dream kitties

Quotes I love the kittens from Kittles Siamese!! They are really cute and playful. They were exactly what I was looking for and Jean and Connie are very friendly and professional. If you are looking for a Traditional Siamese -- look no further. These are great kitties!! Here are some cute videos of them having battles and playing with toys: Epic Cat Battle: Laser Pointer Meowing: Quotes
Adam Noah
Fantastic Kitties!!!

Quotes When my husband informed me he was getting a kitten from Kittles Siamese and told me how much he was spending, I thought he was out of his mind. After having had 'Bindi" for a year, I now understand why. I never had a pet before and could never understand why people got so worked up over them but if I had to give Bindi back, I would lose my mind. Bindi is full of personality, . ..when she walks, she sashays just like a model on a runway. I truly believe she is the most beautiful cat in the world. She definitely talks and when you tell her she can't do something, she fusses and complains right back at you. She loves to play tag with us as we walk past her on the stairway. There is nothing better than having Bindi greet us at the door when we return home from work, or having her wake us up in the morning with gentle touches from her little paw. Quotes
Pierre and Melissa Vieux
So Happy with Our Kitty

Quotes Queen Isabella is wonderful. She is so smart and good with everyone. We had my 4-1/2 year nephew here last weekend and she was wonderful with him. He really enjoyed playing with her. I will send you a picture of her soon. She has brought a light into our lives. Quotes
Betty Newton
Satisifed Mom

Quotes hi jean. i hope you get this e-mail. nina fit in with Naomi at first sight. they played together and Naomi showed her home for me. she is so beautiful. she plays with her new toy and has learned she is safe here. Bless you, Ruby Quotes

Quotes When Jean says her kittens are raised under foot, she means that literally!!! They have the run of the house and my daughter and I had the most precious opportunity this past summer of watching the kittens being born and spent many many days with them watching them grow all summer. I have had cats all my life and have always just taken in strays. I would never had thought that I would actually pay for a cat but Jeans kitties are incredible. It amazes me at just how smart and lovable they really are. My kitties luv to play in water and will sit on the side of the tub watching my daughter while she takes a bath. They especially love to sleep on top of the guinea pig cage!!!!! They love to put their paw through the cage and play with him but never put their claws out to try and hurt him. They are a wonderful addition to the family. I can tell you first hand that they are truly raised under foot in a very loving home!!! Quotes
Pinkee and Pepper's family

Quotes We are so happy that we were able to get Pippin from Jean and Kittles Siamese. Pippin will be 1 year at the end of January, and Jean provided pictures of all the kittens from Pippin's litter as email updates and let us visit Pippin on multiple occasions before he was ready to join his new family. He is a very friendly cat and has readily adopted our 13 year old cat Sam and our 9 year old dog Rudy. He constantly keeps us laughing with all his kitten antics and is a quite a fan of fetch, even more so than our dog! He is by far the most intelligent cat we have ever met--he has figured out how to open all the doors in the house. When we have more room, we will definitely be requesting another kitten from Jean. Quotes
Carolyn and Bill Iselin
Pippin's Family