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Quotes Although we have not written in a while we thought we would check in again, We are now the proud owners of THREE Kittles Siamese sealpoints, {or should I say they own us!) Esmerelda turned 7 in May- she is officially a senior now! Anastasia turned 6 yesterday and Alexandra (the baby) will be 5 in January, We sent you an updated pic of all of them. They are quite the group and get on very well. They love all people and many other animals except, ironically, other cats! We absolutely adore all of them and they are unbelievably spoiled. They are the light of our lives. We highly recommend Kittles Siamese and a Siamese purebred kitten for anyone who wants to spice up their life!! Gerry & Lynn Dean Esme, Asia and Alexandra's parents Quotes
Gerry and Lynn Dean
Esmerelda. Anastasia and Alexandra

Quotes I have always been owned by Siamese cats since age of 6. My love and understanding of the breed has gifted me so many happy years, all of my cats have been part of my family. I admit I was nervous to introduce a new kitten to my home, Pheeme is a lovely 7 year old Blue Point and has always been the cat of the house. Diagnosed the second time with stage 4 cancer, I simply wanted to indulge myself with the pleasure of a new kitten. I found Kittles and Jean was confident we could have the situation work. How right she was!! My lovely Lyra, a Seal Point Balinese, was so perfectly socialized, healthy and respectful during the initiation to the home. The cats are bonding, share toys and food, Phee seems delighted to have a friend. Lyra is curious, intelligent and sweet. Thank you Jean for brightening my home. Mari~ Quotes
Mari Hunt
Amazing Cats

Quotes My husband and I are so happy with our lilac point Siamese, Milo. He's so much fun and keeps us busy. Milo is fixated on plastic bags and insists on gathering them up and bringing them to bed with us. He loves sports on the TV and is a playful little guy. Milo is not shy when someone visits us and always introduces himself as a member of our family. We would not hesitate in recommending Kittles. Thank you, Jean. WE love him dearly. Quotes
Sandy Grip

Quotes My Sophie turned one year old on August 1 of this year. She is absolutely the most beautiful cat in the world. She is highly intelligent, possesses a wonderfully good nature, is lovable and affectionate. She loves everyone she meets and everyone loves her. She keeps me smiling all day as she is a little clown, always doing something. She is a wonderful companion and I could not have asked for a better cat. I absolutely adore her. Jean did a wonderful job preparing her to join my home. Anyone wanting to add a new cat to their home should go only to one place, Kittles. Thank you Jean for my baby, she has added so much joy to my life. Quotes
rose febbriello
Sophie 's Mom

Quotes I am so glad to have been referred to Jean after the loss of my 16+ Lilac little girl...My new little Blue point Cooper is a complete bundle of joy! He is the quintessential Siamese! Over the years it has become difficult to find breeders true to what the Siamese cat should be...It is sad what the breeders have done to our elegant cats, that they no longer represent what a true Siamese should look or act like.Cooper is everything I could have asked for, and more! He is loving, affectionate, curious, demanding,friendly, talkative and intelligent! He is just downright beautiful! The only problem I have had so far is everyone that has met him wants to steal him!!! My vet was enamored with his looks,personality & health.He & my 16+ Seal point are best buddies, as were him and my 14+ GSD who unfortunately passed last week:(Thank you Jean, for allowing me to have this great bundle of joy. I had forgotten how much fun a great Siamese kitten could be. Cooper sends kisses!!! Quotes
Lisa Delaney
Everyone want's to steal him!!!

Quotes Kittles Siamese is the only place I will go to for my Siamese babies. Jean is the most caring, compassionate and ethical breeder. Thanks to her and her sister Connie I have the best Siamese ever and can't wait to add one this Fall. Upon hearing my desire to add a female to replace the passing of a special needs Siamese (from a DIFFERENT cattery that inbreed and knew of a malady in the bloodline), my teenage son said "I hope you are going to Jean because her cats are healthy and great!!" Mom of Cheyenne and Chief Quotes
Bonnie Suib
Satisfied Kitty Mom

Quotes I am so grateful I found Jean and Kittles Siamese. My two beautiful little girls, Bella & Madison will be two years old on July 1st. They are my little sweethearts and bring me so much joy. They are loving, affectionate,highly intelligent, and just love to play. They both curl up in bed with me every night. I have been very impressed with the fact that I have never once had an issue with them scratching furniture or in any other inappropriate places even as kittens. I know this is due to the wonderful training they received from Jean. I knew from the moment I met her she was a good person and totally devoted to her cats and their kittens. They are raised with love. Jean sent me lots of pictures of my girls as they grew and let me come to visit them. I would highly recommend Kittles Siamese. Quotes
Carol Fabijanczuk
Bella & Madison

Quotes It is difficult to know where to begin when I have so much gratitude and praise for Kittles Siamese! As breeders and as caring pet owners, they demonstrate all the best qualities that I admire when I began my search for two Balinese kittens. I spoke to Jean in the fall of 2010. I met Shania in late December of 2010. I was immediately impressed with the excellent breeding conditions and the warmth of everyone who cared for the kittens. On February 13, 2011, Lily (lilac point) and Mochi (chocolate point) were born. Jean sent me frequent updates, photos and videos of the kittens. I welcomed my two girls to my home in late April of 2011. They have just celebrated their first birthday! Without a doubt, Lily and Mochi are the sweetest, most affectionate and well-mannered cats that I have ever known or owned! I couldn't be happier and will be forever grateful! Thank you so very much! Quotes
Marie Proverb
Lily and Mochi's Mom

Quotes Jean and Kittles Siamese are the best! I would never even imagine working with another breeder. Jean is compassionate about her cats. I really believe that this is a love for her, not a business. She loves each and every kitten and makes sure that they are healthy and happy at their new homes. Our little Edison needed special attention and Jean kept in constant contact with us to make sure that Eddy was doing well. She went out of her way; she helped us in ways I did not expect her to. She is the best. Not only that, but I can't say enough about how happy I am with our two cats we've gotten from Kittles. Churchill adapted to Edison quickly and has taken on the "uncle" role quite well and loves grooming Eddy. It warms my heart to see the two together. Jean, thanks so much for completing our family! Quotes
Churchill and Edison's Mom

Quotes We first started our relationship with Jean and Kittles Siamese early last year when we got our first Siamese. We have had Esmerelda for 1 1/2 years now. I believe she was in the same litter as Churchill. She bonded with all of us, and our other cat, very quickly. She is the light of our life In fact, Gerry and I were so taken with her beauty and impressed with her inlelligence that we got our second kitten from Jean just a few months ago. Esme and Anastasia have become best friends. They do everything together- play, eat , sleep... Once again we are very impressed with the quality of cat we have gotten with Jean and Kittles Siamese. Jean made sure to keep in touch through both pregnancies, the birth of both of our kittens and supplied us with lots of delightful pictures of the kittens from birth through their first several weeks of life. We could see what both of our babies looked like long before we picked them up. We would definately recommend Jean Quotes
Gerry and Lynn Dean
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